What we do

Civil Design and Engineering


HARO Civil Engineering is highly experienced in delivering a broad range of civil design and engineering services to both local or state government and private sector clients. We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective engineering solutions for all types of developments or projects.

Our highly experienced Civil Design and Engineering team understands the technical aspects of the engineering processes, and they can explain what is needed in a way that is easy to understand.

Key capabilities

Engineering Design and Analysis Graphic of a brain with pictures of gears on the left

Innovative Engineering
& Design Analysis

HARO Civil Engineering provide innovative tailored solutions with our experienced team employing the latest design tools and technologies.

We conduct comprehensive analysis and simulations to ensure the structural integrity, efficiency and safety of our designs.

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Full Lifecycle
Project Management

We have a proven track record of successfully managing engineering projects of various scales, from concept development to completion.

Our project management approach emphasises clear communication, effective resource allocation and timely delivery.

Construction Supervision and Quality Assurance Graphic of 3 people below 1 person at the top

Construction Supervision & Quality Assurance

Our team provides on-site supervision and quality assurance during construction to ensure adherence to design specifications, safety standards and project timelines.

We conduct regular inspections, quality checks and documentation to maintain the highest standards of construction quality.

Environmental and Sustainability Solutions Graphic of arrowing going round a building and tree in a circle

Environmental & Sustainable Solutions

We integrate environmental considerations and sustainability principles into our engineering designs, helping clients achieve their sustainability goals.

Our expertise includes energy-efficient designs, waste management strategies and sustainable materials selection.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Graphic of a notepad and assessment sheet with a ! warning sign

Continued Risk Assessment
& Mitigation

We employ rigorous risk assessment methodologies to identify potential risks and develop effective mitigation strategies.

Our team helps clients minimise project risks, ensuring successful project outcomes within budget and schedule constraints.

Compliance and Regulatory Support Graphic of papers and a tick

& Regulatory Support

We stay up-to-date with the latest Australian regulations and standards, providing clients with expert guidance to navigate complex compliance requirements.

Our team assists in obtaining necessary permits and approvals, ensuring regulatory compliance throughout the project lifecycle.